Advanced Technology
and Experience


Technology and Innovation
are in our DNA.

> Centrico has its roots in the technological revolutions led by Sella Group and is an open market player since 2019.

We are 1300 people that from India, Italy and Romania offering open banking solutions to financial institutions. We help these institutions create a unique identity, tailored to the needs and desires of their clients, through innovation and customized solutions meeting their unique needs.

Open Banking
is in Our DNA

> Our Open Banking is the solution to say goodbye to monolithic and pervasive systems and build competitive financial services in a reduced time frame.

An open and flexible system, developed in Java, which exposes its APIs for full integration with third party services and leaves the complete management of its processes to each client.

The 'one size fits all' approach no longer works. Nowadays, Core Banking is the solution to create new, competitive, personalized financial services.

1 Innovating Is Our Credo {
2 We create innovation for the banking and financial world,
3 from the traditional institutions to the most fluid realities,
4 with an open, fast, modular and convenient information system.
5 }
1 Being True Partners Is Our Promise {
2 We offer you our experience and we are at your side
3 during every phase of the design and development
4 of your business
5 }
1 We Respect Your Unique Identity {
2 Create products and services as you envisioned them,
3 because they reflect your identity
4 and values.
5 }